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Also from Schubertline:

Handel soprano arias in baroque pitch,
from Amazon Books.

Bach soprano arias in baroque pitch,
from Amazon Books.

In these volumes of soprano arias by Handel and Bach, the music has been transposed down a semitone from the original keys, to allow singers to rehearse at "modern baroque pitch" (A = 415 Mhz) when accompanied by a modern piano.

Although there was no fixed standard of pitch in the 18th century, it was certainly lower (sometimes considerably so) than modern concert pitch, and there is no doubt that vocal music of the period sits more comfortably on both ear and voice when sung at baroque pitch. The music has been chosen from scores available on the Schubertline website, but the arias have been extensively re-edited with reference to urtext sources.

Each volume: GBP 9.95 (USD 16.00)



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